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2nd album, "Haunted Memories" Press Release

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Posted 04-03-2009 at 09:52 AM by Immundus

Immundus-Dark In Motion

By Stacey Evans

Hollywood, CA. March 19, 2009- Dark Ambient music artist Bruno Duarte a.k.a. "Immundus" is proud and excited to announce the April 20, 2009 release of his second full length album, "Haunted Memories." This album promises to be a chilling collection of tracks because unlike other music artists, Immundus is inspired by what is haunting and invisible; mysteries and enigmas of our world we often feel are present but can't quite put our finger on; and perhaps we don't want to.

Norwegian based Immundus was born in Albufeira, Portugal in 1982 and took to bass at age 15 playing in various bands over time like Necrokult of Kronos, a death/black metal act with a string of successes that actually featured Immundus on lead vocal as well as bass. He counts Necrokult of Kronos as his most accomplished act to date. The group recorded a demo followed by a full length album.

However, it appears the best is yet to come from this insightful and mystical artist with the release of his "Haunted Memories" LP. After moving to Norway in 2003 Immundus became inspired to embrace himself and his ideas as a solo artist and began exploring the shadowy path of what he considers his signature sound, "Dark Ambient." And frankly, there is no better name for this unique, extremely mood setting music.

"The tracks "Whispering Walls" and "Escape", featured on give us a peak into what "Haunted Memories" is going to be all about. brilliant and intriguing songs with the immediate effect of beginning to build cobwebs in your mind before the music even begins to play, and then, from the first note to the last, Immundus songs hypnotize you and you know you are listening to the work of an artist who doesn't think like the rest of us; and the notes drop the temperature in the room from beginning to end.

john mahoney
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  1. Old Comment's Avatar
    You've had a total of four posts on this site, all of which promote your band and your webshop, and now your blog post is a press release. I don't want to be a hardass, but that seems a little promotional/spammy. We'd really like it if you could participate on a little more of a human level, if that's not too much to ask.
    Posted 04-05-2009 at 10:06 PM by is offline

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