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    "Women hold up half the sky" -Mao

    "God always picks the strangest things to get angry about. Get an abortion or gay married and he'll aim a tornado right at you.

    Rip off a million poor people and Wall street has no problems. " -Rebecca B

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  1. AshleyO
    08-15-2011 04:01 AM
    A while. Look, I don't plan on convincing you. In fact, it's typical that the more compelling evidence someone is met with, the more they want to cling to their assumptions. I have to pat myself on the back, I managed to keep my cool even after you equated gay marriage rights to gun ownership. But I expect you to continue to try your best to prove the salience of Libertarianism. You wont convince me, but I wont convince you. To the onlookers, I think I made the better argument. I may not have convinced you of what's going on, but I'll take 2 observers from our conversation over your 1 opinion any day of the week. It's all about votes, man. I'd vote for the communist party of America if I knew they were a legitimate party. But they're not.

    I don't really get your whole establishment argument. Dude, you're a conservative and you support a conservative. Nothing new. There is no left wing in America. There's only Republicans, and Democrats that toe the republican line.
  2. Deadmanwalking_05
    08-15-2011 03:21 AM
    How long have we been at this?

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