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I really dont have a 'specific' type, however I prefer my men to look more like men. Each to their own, but if I wanted to look at someone feminine then I would prefer to look at a woman.
I do however like men with long hair, as I feel men with long hair can look very manly.

My fiance has long black hair, green/hazel eyes and a lipring. His music taste is mostly goth electro/industrial however on a daily basis he just wears jeans and a t shirt. When we go out he dresses up slightly more to compliment my outfits, however I would never get him in frilly shirts etc, as he just hates them.
It is usually just black jeans and a t shirt with a smart shirt open over the top.

I do not mind a bit of eyeliner on men but do not go for the whole make up thing.

Thats about it that comes to mind. I am rather picky really! lol
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