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I DID write a letter. It was not angry or spiteful in any way. I just feel that I had to say something.

To whome it may concern,

Let me start off by saying that Ikea is a pretty good company that for the most part, sells some good furniture and other home accessories.

But this was brought up to my attention:

There's really nothing wrong with it up until you get to the part about the gothic roommate. I don't feel that it's fair to make such an assumption to help sell your products. Not only are you selling your product, but you are also selling the idea that goths are bad people who are bad influences. I'm simply stating that as a customer who enjoys your products, (especially the black and metal furniture), that you are insulting a section of your customer base.

I just wanted to inform the company about the ad as a concerned customer and a goth.

Thank you for your time,

Joshua Conner
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