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Random things I'm thinking about at the moment.

1. Why is it that I can drink a fifth of whiskey and be pleasantly buzzed, but give me a few cheap beers and I'm smashed? I guess that's good, though. I can enjoy an entire bottle of good whiskey, but if I want to get smashed, it's cheap.

2. I am in a punk band at the moment, bass and backing vocals. I persuaded the drummer (who started the band with me) to do a cover of Alice by Sisters. Since we're going for an old-school punk with hint of goth anyway, it wasn't hard. We're also doing a Damned cover.

3. I wish my friend Germy would hurry up and get his new debit card. He owes me dinner and drinks, and he's always fun to drink with. He's my bitch, even though he's over a foot taller than me and outweighs me by a good 100 pounds.

4. I've got work at 7:30 tomorrow morning.. watching a two year old and a four year old until 12:30. Then give four hour-long massages. Then come home and study for the midterm exam I have on Tuesday and just remembered I have.

5. This coffee is really good, per usual. Quills is great.

6. I need to buy a 1/2" drill bit and install a peephole on my front door.

7. I think in a bit I'll show up at my friend Jack's, watch Antichrist again, and eat his food.

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