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Commentary Dicussion and feedback for articles, fiction, and news. This is where the community gets to add their thoughts and perhaps constructive opinions about the fiction and articles and such.

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40% Off Manic Panic Collection Holiday Sale

Whether you have been naughty or nice, Manic Panic Collection is kicking off the holiday season offering a Cyber Monday 40% discount sale for all Creatures of the Night. Manic Panic Collection offers great prices on one-stop shopping for OG brightly-colored hair dye, creepy makeup colors, and sweet kits of different color palettes. THANKSGIVING WEEKEND [...]
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Thanksgiving, black Friday and cyber Monday are over but still there is Christmas spending that each of us needs to be aware of. Before spending for Christmas try to take the time to carefully plan and purchase the Christmas gifts so that you do not overspend. You always have to stick to a Christmas gift budget. This Christmas I already planned to give some gifts to those who are in need. I already took out installment loans to make sure I will not run out of budget and everything will be according to plan. I know I have to spend more than usual but the feeling of fulfillment will be priceless. Have a wonderful Holiday everyone.
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