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Shill Post your website announcements here. Anything that is blatantly SPAM (nigerian schemes, make money fast, etc) will be deleted. Actually, we'd probably keep the nigerian schemes around to make fun of it.

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Forum Fighting for a Wave-Gotik-Treffen Outdoor Festival in Midwest USA

If you are not fortunate to live in NYC, LA, Seattle, or Dener the goth scene is pretty much limited to our monthlies that we all gather together for and the occasional Convergence or Dark Side of the Con that might land your way while in the European scene they have such grand gatherings as WGT and M'era Luna and Castle Party and such to look forward to in the summer. Ravers and Hippies and Hipsters here have enormous festivals but those us of of the dark scenes, the goths, the rivetheads, the postpunks, the metallers we look to Europe and we have nothing simiilar to look forward for,

What I am propsoing is a WGT like gathering in the Midwest around Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Michigan and the like which are all within 4 hours driing distance of each other. The festival I am trying to organzize is called Nox Empirium and it pulls in the Schwarze Scene like the Europeans do to get the numbers to get the sponsors to get such an event to actually happen. A Spooky Sinister Electric Forest. A Dark Bonnaroo. It is entirely possibble as long as enough people show interest in the idea, which is why I have made an organizational forum for the event that if it gathers enough registered users corporate sponsors will pay attention and the event space can be appropriated with sponsor money. Then Etsy vendors who would like to vend can rent vendor space and then finally a band budget can be determined. What it comes down to is if you ever want to experience a gothic festival like the ones in Europe because 90% of us in America are in economic straits that we will never make it over there. The name of the festival is and the flyer is below.

Please register and make a vote that we matter and can create just as amazing events with our aesthetic rather then the borrowed gypsy or steampunk or hindu psychedelic aesthetic the hippie and ravers all appropriate from. We can make a Spectral Spooky Wonderland that can be the peak of our year while we grind through the next one. Lets make something spooky and spectacular. Please help me do so.
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