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Old 05-22-2023, 11:52 AM   #1
betty noir
Join Date: May 2023
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Unhappy i need help

I'm goth and my skin is mildly tan (i'm not a white person ). I really like the pale goth look but don't know if it'd be offensive if i put on makeup to make me super pale. Don't get me wrong, I'm not ashamed of my race or skin or anything, I just like the paper white goth look and wanna do it myself. I'm afraid of being considered problematic though since blackface is when a white person paints their face black and idk if being a tan person and making my skin super pale white is as offensive. please let me know if its acceptable in the goth community
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Old 05-24-2023, 08:38 PM   #2's Avatar
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There is no problem because looking Gothic is cultural, not inherently racial, so the equivalency is false. You may, however, want to look up some tutorials on Youtube for choosing the right shade of pale to compliment your look and original tone. Some folks look better with a very slight blue tint, or a slightly warmer tint, all of which informs your base foundation and/or powder choices. Stark white can actually sometimes look, well, less ideal than you originally intended.
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Old 05-26-2023, 09:38 AM   #3
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Looking pale is more about the dead corpse look. not because your skin is pale. If you're really uncomfortable about it. You could try what fits in your culture, For example if you're of Mexican descent, you could try a dia de los muertos look. Many cultures have some sort of pagan influenced mask that you could use as makeup.
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Old 05-31-2023, 08:39 PM   #4
betty noir
Join Date: May 2023
Posts: 3
Smile thank you guys

I have been experimenting with makeup n stuff more and more and got a lot of inspriation from a video by Madi Danger. i enjoy the dead corpse look on myself and went really simple with making my waterline red, putting black eyeliner on, and black lipgloss with a *smidge* of blush- and ofc with some foundation and facepowder :) i feel i guess is the word thank you guys
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Old 06-25-2023, 02:09 AM   #5
Join Date: Mar 2023
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You can try searching on youtube. There are many ways.
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Old 09-12-2023, 03:38 AM   #6
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It seems to me that you should not look back at other people. Do what you want, and let others stick their opinions where they want.
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Old 09-17-2023, 11:42 PM   #7
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Your choice of base foundation and/or powder should take into account the fact that some people appear better with a very slight blue tint or a little warmer tint.
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